Occupy Archive Project

#Occupy Archive is documenting and saving the digital evidence and stories from the Occupy protests worldwide that began in September 2011 in Lower Manhattan. Occupy Wall Street (OWS) inspired groups to form in small towns and large cities around the world. # Occupy Archive seeks to represent each of those groups with individual collections.

In addition to saving materials currently available on the web related to #OWS, this project is also collecting stories, photos, video, and sounds from those participating in, organizing, or observing Occupy Movements. We want to hear from you. You will retain ownership of all that you share, and you will be contributing to the historical record.

We built the Archive using the Omeka platform and have extensively used Zotero to collect snapshots of organizational webpages, forums, YouTube channels, Facebook pages, fliers, and another digital imprints of the Occupy groups. You may notice that items identified as webpages contain a .zip file--this file is a copy of the web snapshot. We also have experimented with a feed importer that allows us to grab and link to Flickr images tagged with related keywords. We are not ingesting images with rights reserved and are relying heavily on Creative Commons licensed photos. Contact us if you created something that you wish to have removed from the Archive.

The Archive was created and is maintained by volunteers working together at the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media and with other members of theGeorge Mason University community. This project builds on experience gained from creating other digital collecting and archiving projects such as the September 11 Digital Archive , Hurricane Digital Memory Bank, and Bracero History Archive.

This project is not officially affiliated with Occupy Wall Street.


  • Sheila Brennan
  • Mark Cooley, Voices of the 99%
  • Megan Brett
  • Lee Ann Ghajar
  • James Halabuk
  • Lara Harmon
  • Mills Kelly
  • Sharon Leon
  • Dan Luddington
  • Patrick Murray-John
  • Chris Raymond
  • Jim Safley
  • Roberto Sanchez
  • Ammon Shepherd
  • Joan Fragazy Troyano
  • Jeri Wieringa