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As soon as the Occupy movement began I knew that it was something I agreed with. I was in my senior year in high school, politically active for my age, and have always had a strong sense of right and wrong. On October 15th I went to the first assembly and the first signs of its collapse were there.…

Well, the initial contact with OWS in NYC is described in the article I wrote. I was also involved with Occupy Providence for a time: donating supplies, donating my kitchen at home for meals, raking leaves, lots of google group discussions, a GA, etc.

River People Occupy Eureka
From an article I wrote for a newspaper published on the Hoopa Indian Reservation

A Universal Movement
By Malcolm Terence, Two Rivers Tribune Contributing Writer
We barely found our way…

"Create Visual Links to the Creative Renaissance of the Occupy Movement. See­orum/Occupy_The_World-WP.htm

Create News of the Movement on your own Websites and Blogs. See­B3/viewforum.php?f=37"

As far as foreign observations of the Occupy movement go, there is only one place you really NEED to occupy. That is K-Street, Washington.

The world already knows the US Government is for hire, and K-Street is the recruitment agency.

The term US Government is interchangeable with K-Street…

We are the campers at the Occupy Lisbon, we are the 99%!
This has been an amazing experience. We've met, became the best of friends, and a lot of wonderful experiences we've shared.
Now, we're facing a though time, sometimes people want to quit, but now and then there's always something to cheer…

This is a statement co-authored with several faculty members at Brown. It was published in the campus newspaper on October 14, 2011.

It circulated informally among various networks, doubtlessly missing many faculty members.

In contrast to other petitions circulated in recent years among the…