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Funny Occupy Signs posted a photo: Most of us (including our cities) are in so deep it’ll be years before we have any chance of getting out—if we have any chance at all. At least one in seven of us is already being pursued by debt collectors. -

juliacreinhart posted a photo: AP Photographer Steffie Keith being manhandled on 9-15-2012 by Lieutenant Daniel Albano of the NYPD's Legal Affairs bureau during a march of the Occupy Wall Street movement down Broadway during their commemoration of the one year anniversary of their occupation of…

juliacreinhart posted a photo: A bike unit of Philadelphia's Police Department kettles and arrest an entire march of Occupy Wall Street protesters during their national gathering in the city over the July 4th weekend. The group had marched through the city peacefully, but on an unauthorized…

voyr posted a photo: What happens when the iconic Wall Street ballerina meets major general James B. McPherson in the center of McPherson Square, K st., Washington, DC?

juliacreinhart posted a photo: A member of Occupy Wall Street draws with chalk onto the sidewalk during a protest to commemorate the one year anniversary of the occupation of Zuccotti Park in New York City's Financial District

juliacreinhart posted a photo: A group of musicians perform during an Occupy Wall Street protest in Washington Square Park on 1-29-2012