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raincoaster posted a photo: See my second-last OV photoset to see the entire chalk mural. This was a damn shame; the destruction of art, and GOOD art. This, my friends, was a terrorist act of the government against its people.

raincoaster posted a photo: I think this is my favorite of this set. The 1% cages itself to protect itself from The People. In a way, the Blue Fence is conceptual art at its finest.

raincoaster posted a photo: I forget this fellow's real name, but he was very nice. You can also tell a lot about people from their dogs, and his was bold, friendly, and well-mannered. This is one of the people at OV who had been homeless; he said he was one of the complicated ones to house,…

raincoaster posted a photo: That dog should be official mascot of OV. Although the accordion has a claim to that title too.